Book Release

A Knitter's Notebook

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A Knitter's Notebook

of Yarn Secrets

Hooray!!!!  it's published!
Yes, I have been promising for a long time.

Since last summer!

But.... it is Finished! (where have I heard that before?)

I think I even sweat blood!


Get the Book HERE!


This book contains the "secrets" I talk about when I help you choose your yarn.

  • It explains my thoughts on fiber content
  • It lists the sizes of yarn in order and their corresponding "number" 
  • It goes into the construction of the yarn and how that will help you choose the right yarn for your particular project.
  • It gives you details about washing and blocking that I have had success with over time.
  • It touches on a formula I use for choosing colors in a project.
  • and more........


  •  It has 7 patterns in it that I sell for $5.99 on Ravelry! a $41.93 VALUE!

ALL for $7.95
plus shipping

Get it HERE


or get it on Kindle


Kindle Version


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Class schedule

The Schedule is Set

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Knitting Club

Wednesday 1-4 Daytime knitter's  

AAAAND....      New for working folks!

2nd and 4th Wednesdays 5:30 - 8pm
social knitting (crochet or any fiber art) and support

No fee, classes are available for individual support




Explore the wonderful world of color in wet motion.

Monday evenings - 5:30 - 7:30+  Learn about the tactile experience of applying color in water to cotton rag paper. Explore the possibilities of making art with ideas and concepts related to you from the masters of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and National Artists. How to relax when putting your brush to paper.


Buy 4 watercolor classes here




Big beads, little beads. Beads of love, beads of prayer. 
WILD beads, tile beads. Orderly where.

Come explore beads and ways to assemble them for maximum satisfaction! Not necessarily in order. Tuesday 5:30 - 7:30+pm $15.00/ session


Buy 4 beading classes HERE



Make your own art with Sharon.... 

Underground OPEN Mar 14th

Boy, time flies!

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... If you build it,
they will come...

Do you remember those words from the baseball movie
"Field of Dreams"?

Here it is, a dream....

Here you see the creation of a knitting "club", a place to get wonderful quality yarns and fibers twice a month....
(I have to confess, I opened it up Wednesday for club too)
For you working folk.... Saturday works best, so Saturday it is....(another opportunity too.... down further)

The Underground is OPEN 2nd and 4th Saturdays 10-3.


 Wednesday 1-4 meeting notes; several knitter's came to the "club" meeting. It was exciting to see projects in process again. So fulfilling to know that Yarnie's were creating beautiful useful items.

Heck, not just useful! that's like calling a peacock a bird.
Darn right gorgeous wearable art!

I am so proud of the growth each of you show with every project. With the daringness to pick up something with a challenge, not afraid to ask how to manuver the pattern or make the item better by discovering a place where you want to improve on a design. 

The desire to dream of a piece that fulfills a need and the curiosity to research making it happen.

Your way..... 

I am here to help, but please request a class when extra help is needed. (paying the rent is a necessary evil) I am never stingey with time or information. and $12.00/ hr. is VERY reasonable.

NEW!!! Watercolor class: Monday evenings 5:30 - 7:30+pm 
Explore putting water and color to cotton rag paper. Every meeting has instruction and time to work on your project of choice. Painting critique monthly $15.00/session
Materials list available, first class is covered....

NEW!!! Beading class: Tuesday evenings 5:30 - 7:30+pm 
Learn simple techniques that make your project professional. New techniques explored weekly. $15.00/ session.  Materials available at class.
Bring your stash too! Trading encouraged!

(as it gets lighter later we can adjust the times)

Knitter's Club: Wed afternoons 1 -4 pm

NEW!!! 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings 5:30 - 8

Underground Fibers: open 2nd and 4th Saturdays 10 - 3

  I can still special order any yarns in bags of 5 - 10 skeins or in the case of Brown Sheep; less.... depending on the supplier. I will absorb the cost of shipping with full bag orders.
So if you see it online or in an ad, shoot me an email and I will let you know if I can help get it to you here in Roseburg. As soon as it arrives I will arrange for delivery.

So save the time..... Saturday,

Yes, this Saturday.......   from 10-3 pm at the Kitchen door..... let yourself in if no one is upstairs...   then follow the signs.......

      ....... to the "Underground".  (yes, there are stairs) Pattern books and magazines are available as well as a lovely display of high quality yarns. Noro included!

Parking in driveway and in Student lot during off school hours,

Put it in your phone for a reminder!



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Doesn't make it true
Just cuz I wrote it.....
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Just cuz you read it....

Just cuz I sent it.......

Okay, I'm being obtuse......

I apparently haven't written the chapter on Stash Organizing..... I wrote 8 other chapters.... but that's for you to know later.

So, No copy of that chapter, but I can talk about it Wednesday afternoon anyway... No Charge.

 I have been hoping to find ways to earn money since I am not working aymore. Classes seem to be a good way maybe. So tell me what class you want and I will create one! 

No pressure this Wednesday, just come and stitch at the house 12:30 - 4pm  bring whatever project, but I have a fun sock yarn stash project waiting here. 
Organize your stash
Have stash??? .......... anyone??????
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As Yarnie's, we have a tendency to covet....

Since these fibers are sometimes one of a kind, or buy as much as you need for the project in the same dye lot......  kind of purchases.....

Collections grow.

Stash happens... 
There are little stashes of odds and ends... left overs from finish projects.
Sometimes we leave our projects right in the bags we bought them.
and then the totes come into play.....
So whichever you are.......
                                      Whatever you have....
There's an organizing solution to your stash!

Join the Underground Knitter's this Wednesday 3/11 from 12:30 - 4pm!
We will meet at 716 W. Finlay (my house) to get our stash organized. Let's learn how to decide what to start with first... is it color or guage or cotton vs. wool? 

If your stash is at all portable, bring it (or bring some...  ;-)  and see what you can do with it! I have several patterns that embrace using and designing from stash available. What a money saver! buy a pattern- not yarn!
..... well ......... much anyway- (I always have to buy SOMETHING to "fill in" eventually)

Workshop price - $10.00 including reference material.
(a chapter from my e-book in progress)

I am organizing mine today...   poke around and see what you have.....

The Journey
The Journey of the "Underground" 
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The journey continues....
The Yarnie Who loved to create prepares for a sale.

So the story continues. The simple yarn lover realized that she scheduled a sale for just a week away and the yarn was stored all over the house in these bags.

What to do!? After the "great move" from downtown to the house, things were pretty much put away in their appropriate space for the moment. (as you well know, things change)

The beading table was in the right spot for optimum light and comfort, the watercolor desk was not organized, but all was in the right room. The fiber for spinning was in the corner of the dining room where a class was held. The fiber dye-ing was all organized. 
The personal yarn stash is still a mess! .....but in mostly one spot. Even the cubbies were getting a spot in the family room downstairs...... 

The yarnie was feeling pretty good about the progress of things. But still there were these bags..... Brown Sheep in her daughter's room.... Noro and Ella Rae in the painting room, Tahki-Stacey Charles in the office with the pattern books...... Umpqua fibers in the dining room. Poems in the family room.... 

Got the picture yet?

Remembering the old place downtown.... all the shelves and all the yarn...... It felt so nice in the old place, The lighting, the arrangement......How was she going to create a place with the right feel?

She spent some time planning...... how would she want to  put it all back together? Feeling a little bit like the king's men in Humpty Dumpty; it was pretty overwhelming. So she planned and she thought. Realizing it would never be the same,
It would have to be new......

                It would have to embrace the reality of the available space.....

                            .... and most of all, 

                                                  It would have to be fun!

So she got down to work!

Mike offered to assemble the cubbies in the downstairs ("Underground") family room. They put up a light fixture, yes it's what we have right now.... An area rug would be nice.... maybe friends would have one.... and desk lamps for better yarn lighting... Let's pray for that too.
Each yarn bag needed to come downstairs. ......bags from each room. One by one made their way. (free stair-master)

Then she placed the different yarn weights in order of thickness while still in the bags. She opened the Lace weight and shelved that first. Then the fingering and sock yarns found cubbies.

Cindy came to organize and shelve balls of yarn. From early morning to early evening they opened bags and arranged. Then arranged again until half the cubbies were filled. 

The girls took a tea break and did a bit more. Soon it was time to break for the day and the simple yarnie was so spent, she took a nap. Even the kitty was tired and curled up next to her as she closed her eyes.

The dream was beginning to take shape. The "Underground Fibers" entrance was starting to take focus. like a secret club... a kitchen atrium-door entrance and a path through the pantry to the stairs underground. 

The secret "Underground sale day" events. 

Next Saturday 10-3. and Saturday, March 14th.

Not a store, not a home based business.... 

Just Events. Come early to get the best selection. 

Cash or checks - no cards.
See you Saturday (unless you have a lamp or rug/ runner to borrow) then email me so I can arrange to pick it up.

There's a secret brewing.... Yarn
A story is unfolding.. (in 3rd person)
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There once was a yarnie

you know the kind....

A simple woman who just loves fiber. She knits for fun and was intrigued by sharing with friends.

She learned to spin so she had lovely high quality original yarns, the kind that is very soft and will yield a nice cowl or something yummy. Of course there were closets full of stash yarn too.... One day she opened a little gallery of stuff she made. Nice folks liked the things that were there. A few folks wanted more stuff.

Co-dependent as she was, she bought and bought. She bought even more when she found the perfect place to display all her stuff because there was room. She met nice folks coming through and made some real good friends. Her yarn store was beautiful! Never had there been a more creative place with such beautiful fibers. Such a labor of love.

But as life happens, she was overwhelmed with drama. Things with her rental property back east in the snow, things with her mother..... things with business downtown...... and sigh, Divorce. :-(

Well, she let it get to her and soon she was swimming with too much drama weight and wanted a BIG change!

She and her friends prayed and she got a new job. Her friends prayed for her again (still), and she got a nice new place to live. Prayer has been very powerful in all things! So many were answered, and quickly!

As time passes and her new job proved a little overwhelming, she settled into her new home.........

The new place had room for every hobby she had. As it turns out, there was even room for her stash! 

One day the big bad yarn bill came in for the inventory from her shop....

"OH NO!  ...... What am I going to do?", she said. 

She thought,

and thought..... knitted some, slept a LOT.

thought some more..... You see the place she is renting from doesn't want a business there. But they never said she couldn't have a garage sale! Or a basement sale! 


.......into the kitchen door,

                                       through the pantry.....

                                                                             and down the stairs.......

to the "Underground Fibers" hideout!  eeeeEEEEEEEE!!!!   oh, Shh!

What day???????
Well, it should be an easy day to remember, maybe twice a month for her "Sale".... hmmmm, a schedule.

How about Saturday Feb 28th and Saturday March 14th 10-3 ish sounds good!    

Let's try it!!

And she lived happily sharing her yarns with others dying to knit with great yarn and selling enough to pay her yarn bill. (ever after)

LOGISTICS: (normal talk now)
If the days work out, maybe I can keep the 2nd and 4th Saturdays open!

A little secret knock at the kitchen door, and your'e in! (actually, I will be downstairs if anyone's here, but in the atrium - outside the kitchen door having coffee and knitting if no one is underground.)
No worries, you won't be trapsing through the whole house and feeling uncomfortable, just the "secret entrance" and great parking in the student lot of the high school (across the street) if the driveway is full. No more parallel parking!

Keep the fun going with the theme "Underground Fibers" (not official yet) so bring checks or cash only. No credit card or ATM card machine available. after all this is the Underground! You can pay with PayPal which takes credit cards. (I'll have to figure it out first)

So that's the story my Little Yarnies  I hope to see you here.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, It's 25% off the retail price. But.... Only if you mention you saw it here at the bottom of the email so you diligent readers get a bonus!


Eat the meat an spit out the bones.
I have been told, that this is the key,
to "eat the meat and spit out the bones".
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comes in a different package for everyone.

A friend told me one time to "Eat the meat and spit out the bones" when reading a book that was helpful to me. Since all things written are from an author's point of view, and written generally, not everything received is for one individual.

Hopefully there is some truth for someone in a message by an author, (even blog authors) When I personally go to classes to learn things, if there is one tidbit I learn, the class is worth the effort. Sometimes that applies to knitting and sometimes that applies to life. Often, as a blogger, life spills into my knitting world quite unexpectedly. I guess since knitting spills over into my life quite fully, no wonder!

Knowing full well, the difference in personality of the folks who get this blog, I entertain ideas in different intensities from time to time. I often enjoy the response, but every once in a while....

I hit too close to home with something I say that stirs up pain or offends. While my objective is to spur you to think about your craft and to inspire you with photo's and descriptions of luscious yarns, now and then I boot the arsus maximus of my yarnie collective and hope that with that, I help some individual, (even if just one of you) blossom with the fortitude to continue a project and experience the satisfaction of just that.

So, eat the meat and spit out the bones..... 

I hope someday to encourage each of you in your individual way, but please be patient while I try for some that need a hearty boot.

The experience may mean a lot to them!

knitting on.....

Just for my website

Hey fiber enthusiasts "my yarnies"

I have been busily designing and writing patterns knittting samples and uploading them to ravelry.

I hope you are able to download at least the free ones to see the straight forward style of my pattern writing.

I'm also writing a Notebook on knitting secrets. Look for it on Amazon in paperback and e-book format at the first of the year. Not only will it have a few patterns in it, but secrets from a long and curious love affair with fiber. Techniques and  little known facts about making your projects come out professionally and easily. It is the difference between knitting and finishing a garment with ease to fighting yarn and hating what you put all that time into.

See you soon and keep following me at:

and here on my website

get off the fence

Why the h*e*c*k do you knit?

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Hey, you out there

I've been mailing you with inspirations

It must not be what you need.   ....and it's time to get off the fence.

Yeah, I know your'e busy, I know you've got summer plans. I get it. If you don't have a passion about knitting, but just pick it up now and then..... don't need my expertise. 
This shop is NOT for the deal seeker. Yeah, I do have a few price deals, but that's not the point.

JSFA has fine fibers and really good quality stuff for the ENTHUSIAST.

More yet, you have available to you, a true fiber professional that dives into challenges, techniques, and really detail stuff that helps make knitting an ART. Your ART.

I'm actually writing a book about the stuff you can't learn ANYWHERE else. The things about how yarn is made and how it behaves when knit or crochet'd that most folks, even yarn store owners or renowned teachers don't know! Think 49+ years of curiosity with string.

So, do you want to learn more? Do you want a challenge? Do you have any passion?


I'm looking for the person who wants to know more about fiber arts. Someone who wants to create the best darn pot-holder out there and why it is the best.

***Why this one will burn your fingers to nubs and why this other one will insulate you from the heat.***

*** Why this sweater hangs out of shape and why this other one fits like a glove.***

What does this pattern really say and how to decipher the instructions to get what you want.
You know who you are out there, I share liberally with you, information you can't get without oodles of years in the thick of the industry.

Then there's the casual knitter. those of you who just enjoy the motions. 
I am not saying that's wrong, but it's not the learner I am seeking today.

There's even some who have knit or crochet'd for years can learn a few things. Especially if you have continued to make the same things over and over.

In the comfort zone

mindless motion.

Sure, I don't mind selling to the folks passing through, or to the mindless knitter,

H,e,c,k, I need mindless projects too.

Lord knows, we all get overwhelmed or need T.V. projects. Something to do in public when we are numb-ingly bored or in line.....

But' I'm looking today for the hungry fiber enthusiast "jedi in training" to pass on some serious learnin' to.

So if I've sparked you into "hey, I'd like som-o-dat" get ye in here, make an appointment for a class, ask questions.

The rest-o-ya, I'm here, but think about how living life not getting off the fence feels. It's just not exciting when you don't learn stuff. or better yo-sef.

Get excited! Get curious! Get here, or somewhere that makes you a little uncomfortable but will make you a better person.

Luvin' y'all